Beige Mystique Dog Purse Carrier

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Beige Mystique Dog Purse Carrier

The fashionable Mystique Dog Purse Carrier looks just like a ladies handbag and allows you to take your small dog along.  With it's neutral beige color, it will look great with your outfits.


  • Side mesh entrance and a reverse sided circular fashioned mesh netting for added breathability.
  • A ruffled designer frontal pouch great for placing added belongings.
  • Roll-up side nylon mesh closures for an added sun view.
  • A built-in leash holder for safety.

Approved for use with most airlines.  Always double check size requirements with your Airline.

APPROXIMATE SIZE: 14.6 inches long x 6.5 inches wide x 10.2 inches high

Beige Mystique Dog Carrier

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