Does your puppy love to play?

Does your puppy love to play?

Posted by Spoiled Sweet Pets on Feb 15th 2017

Does your pampered puppy love to play with toys?

We love to watch our dogs when they pull out their toys.  Our youngest pups are both eight and they still love their toys.  Only problem is - they never put them back.  And they're never satisfied with just one.  Oh no, they have to pull out ten or so and leave them scattered all over the place.  

Our little Bunny loves to play with her ball.  When it goes under the couch or furniture, like it always does, she just sits, points with her nose and bats her eyelashes at Daddy.  She knows Daddy will always "rescue" her ball.

We are so happy to now offer Made in the USA dog bone toys.  They're cute, they're soft, they're plush and they're made in the USA.  We have a few patterns listed but will be adding more very soon.  If you have small dog that love to play, check them out...