Blue Diamonds Snuggle Dog Bed

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Bet your furry best friend will refuse to share this calming Blue Diamonds Snuggle Pet Bed...

Vacancy for one - one precious pet that is.  With a balmy blue diamond pattern and a light blue soft interior, once your puppy climbs in the zzzzz's will take over.  It's such a comfortable, snuggly bed for your puppy dog or kitty cat.  Just be sure to deliver room service on time.

Kitty cats and puppy dogs love to feel safe when they take they're sleeping and when your pet is burrowed into this bed he/she will feel a sense of security unlike any other bed.  Perfect for kitty cats, puppies and small dogs that love to cuddle.

Blue Diamonds Snuggle Dog Bed Sizing:
- base diameter measures approximately 22 inches.

The snuggle dog bed is machine washable on a gentle cycle to keep your furry best friend's bed clean and fresh.

Blue Diamonds Snuggle Dog Bed

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