Boxy Messenger Bag Dog Carrier :: Red

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Soft bag designed with hard base. Adjustable strap, mesh window, and metal vent holes. Cover can be fully zipped or half way opened. Cell phone pocket on strap, big pocket in the rear, and inner pockets.

Approximate measurement: 15 inches long x 6 inches wide x 10.5 inches high

Boxy Messenger Bag Dog Carrier :: Red

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Written by undefined on Nov 12th 2016


I have a 7 pound Havanese that goes almost everywhere with me. I wanted to get a dog purse so she can go everywhere with me. :) This purse is slightly flimsy. When I zip it mostly up so just her head sticks out, she can jump up and the zipper opens easily. I wish this was a little more sturdy for the price. I will probably end up buying something stronger so I know my puppy is secure and comfortable. I think she feels like she could easily fall out even though she's leashed in.

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