Cheery Cherries Cat & Dog Collars & Leashes

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The cute cherries on these Cat and Dog Collars and Leashes will brighten your furry best friend's day...

Your furry best friend will look absolutely adorable in this cherry handcrafted dog collar.  It features a cute cherry print ribbon sewn onto durable nylon. The collars are adjustable so you can get the perfect fit on your furry best friend.  The dog collar comes with a quick release buckle to make walk time with your excited puppy dog a little easier.  The cat collar comes with a breakaway safety buckle.  Attach your dog's custom identification tag, a charm or two and a match dog leash to the high quality D-ring.  Collars and leash are handcrafted in the USA by a family owned company.

Ribbon Cat and Dog Collar Sizing:


- Cat Safety: 3/8 inch wide x 6 to 10 inches
- X-Small: 3/8 inch wide x 6 to 10 inches
- Small: 3/8 inch wide x 10 to 14 inches
- Medium: 1 inch wide x 10 to 18 inches
- Large: 1 inch wide x 18 to 26 inches


- 3/8 x 4 foot
- 3/8 x 6 foot
- 1 inch x 4 foot
- 1 inch x 6 foot 

Available in black or white.

Cherries Cat & Dog Collars & Leashes

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