Confetti Dots Cat & Dog Collars & Leashes

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What's not to love about Polka Dots on these Confetti Dots Cat & Dog Collars & Leashes...

An update on the classic polka dot, these cute dog collars will surely put a bounce in your puppy's step.  The Confetti Dots collars are super adorable and are made in the USA.  The colorful dot ribbon is sewn onto durable nylon collar.  Available in light pink, lavender, chocolate brown, bright pink, light blue and fuchsia, the dog collars are adjustable and feature a quick release buckle making it easy to put on or take the collar off. The cat collar features a breakaway safety buckle.  Attach your dog's ID tag or a matching leash to the heavy duty D-ring.  To complete the ensemble, don't forget the matching leash.

Please see our sizing guidelines for help with measuring and determining the ideal collar width for your puppy dog.

Ribbon Cat and Dog Collar and Leash Sizing:

- Cat Safety: 3/8 inch wide x 6 to 10 inches
- X-Small: 3/8 inch wide x 6 to 10 inches
- Small: 3/8 inch wide x 10 to 14 inches
- Medium: 1 inch wide x 10 to 18 inches
- Large: 1 inch wide x 18 to 26 inches

- 3/8 x 4 foot
- 3/8 x 6 foot
- 1 inch x 4 foot
- 1 inch x 6 foot