Cozy Dog Bed, Carrier, Car Seat Combo :: Light Pink

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Cozy Dog Bed, Carrier, Car Seat Combo :: Light Pink

For the pretty in pink ittle girls!  This dog purse/travel tote, bed, car seat combo is the perfect solution for your little puppy dog or kitty cat.

Snuggle Bugs are now among the most popular, ingenious pet products on the market - this one-of-a kind, multi functional design is a small dog carrier, car seat and cozy pet bed all in one!

Made with the finest in luxury fabrics, soft doesn't even do justice for the cloud of comfort provided for you pet. This reversible Snuggle Bug is machine washable, lightweight and fashion forward. Be sure that your pet has the best with a cozy Snuggle Bug. 

Lightweight Reversible Snuggle Bugs

It's a bed, it's a bag, it's a car seat... and it's a burrow bed! 

  • Compact super-soft pet carrier with pillow & blankie
  • Roll down sides put the pillow in for a snuggly pet bed
  • Pillow in & strap over car headrest for a car seat
  • Attach strap in last "O" ring for a deep sack-type pet carrier
  • Open carrier completely & put pillow on bottom for a cozy burrow bed.
  • Made in the USA

See image for dimension diagram.


Light Pink Dog Bed, Carrier, Car Seat Combo

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