Cute as a Button Collection Ribbon Dog Collars & Leashes

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When you want your puppy dog to look as cute as a button!  

Choose from Sweet Sugar Owls, Aloha Cutie, Monkey Madness, Chocolate Bunnies, Cute Chick or Monkeys & Bananas from this “Cute as a Button” Collection of Dog Collars & Leashes...

Show off just how adorable your puppy dog is with one of these beautifully crafted dog collars.  Each collar features a cute patterned ribbon sewn onto durable nylon and it is adjustable. The best part - it's Made in the USA. No matter which pattern you choose, your puppy will surely bark for joy!  Don't forget the leash to complete the look!

Please see our sizing guidelines for help with measuring and determining the ideal collar width for your puppy dog.

Ribbon Dog Collar Sizing:


- Cat Safety: 3/8 inch wide x 6 to 10 inches
- X-Small: 3/8 inch wide x 6 to 10 inches
- Small: 3/8 inch wide x 10 to 14 inches
- Medium Narrow:  5/8 inch wide x 10 to 18 inches
- Medium: 1 inch wide x 10 to 18 inches
- Large: 1 inch wide x 18 to 26 inches


- 3/8 x 4 foot
- 3/8 x 6 foot
- 5/8 x 4 foot
- 5/8 x 6 foot
- 1 inch x 4 foot
- 1 inch x 6 foot 

- The Sweet Sugar Owls collar features pastel pink & green owls.
- The Aloha Cutie collar features pineapples with cool sunglasses.
- The Monkey Madness collar let everyone know "I drive my parents bananas".
- The Chocolate Bunnies collar features Easter Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies - The perfect Easter Collar.
- The Monkeys & Bananas collar features cute monkey faces and bananas.

“Cute as a Button” Collection Dog Collars & Leashes

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