Eco Friendly Pet Waste Bags & Holder :: Green

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Eco Friendly Pet Waste Bags & Holder :: Green

The 100% Compostable and Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Bags are composed from Thermoplastic Starch (TPS), Biodegradable Polyesters and Natural Plasticizers and generated from Certified Facilities that are approved by the U.S. Composition Council and D6400 Certified.

Compostable means these Dog Waste Bags actually derive from Waste generated by Living Creatures for your Living Pet creating an Eco-System every time you pick up your dogs waste.


  • Resin Grade that is Naturally Compatibilised to offer the highest levels of Mechanical Strength and outstanding Elongation properties.
  • The Resin is derived from 100% Renewable Resources including Non-GMO Corn Starch and Complies with International Standards.
  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • Pet Life strives to better our planets ultimate agenda by collaborating with our consumers and changing the way we dispose of our Pets Waste, Let's make that effort together! 

Comes with 2 Rolls of blue bags and a Green Roll Dispenser / 15 Bags per roll


4 Roll Pack Refill options are available separately.


Eco Friendly Pet Waste Bags & Holder :: Green

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