Grey Plaid Puppy Dog Poncho

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Looking like a little Sherlock Holmes, your puppy dog will be investigating all the goings on at the dog park and all the while keeping toasty warm wearing this classic plaid dog poncho.  

The latest in trendy doggie wear - a poncho for your pooch!  This anti-pill fleece poncho will keep your precious fur baby comfortable on breezy and cool falls days.  Can also be worn under a coat for a little extra warmth on cold and snowy winter days.  The poncho is designed to slip over your dog's head and lay across their back from their neck all the way to the base of their tail.  This doggie poncho is soft, cozy and is adorned with a little red bow to add a little charm.

Dog Poncho Features:

  • Made from a lightweight fleece
  • Easy to put on, easy to take off
  • Chest strap is made from soft spandex
  • Non-binding
  • Non-restrictive

Dog Poncho Sizing:

  • X-Small: 10-12" chest, 11-12" back length
  • Small: 13-15" chest, 13-14" back length
  • Medium: 17-19" chest, 15-16" back length
  • Large: 19-21" chest, 18-19" back length


Grey Plaid Puppy Dog Poncho

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