Lightweight Designer Pet Carrier :: Blue

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Lightweight Designer Pet Carrier :: Blue

Tote your pampered puppy or pampered kitty along in style with this Narrow Shelled Lightweight Collapsible Military Grade Transportable Designer Pet Carrier.


  • Outer shell is composed of a unique tough lightweight PVC.
  • The centered shell is composed of a unique thick blended and bendable tear-proof foam that can easily withstand large amounts of weight pressure.
  • Fully collapses to 3.5 inches thin as both outer shells fully zip around 360 Degrees as the tough bendable centered durable foam is neatly placed inside the 2 shells.
  • The outer shell is completely perforated for added breathability and sunlight.
  • The zippers are specially engineered to carry over 40 lbs of weight without breakage.
  • A mesh zippered opening.
  • Comes with Over-The-Shoulder Straps and a built-in leash holder inside. 

Approximate Sizing
18.2 inches long x 11.4 inches wide x 13.3 inches tall