Mon Chien Boat Tote Dog Carrier

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Mon Chien Boat Tote Dog Carrier 

The Canvas BOAT TOTE "MON CHIEN" is made from 20oz 100% cotton canvas, the body is black with natural trim. The puppy is silk screened one one side with the wording "MON CHIEN"  & on the other side is a bone with the same wording! Included is a super plush faux fur blankie and 1.5" foam mat.

Side pocket on this carrier, and super nice long silky star print scarf. Dry Clean this carrier ONLY...ask for starch finish for added stiffness! Pillow can be machine washed (no fabric softener in the wash) but use a fabric softener sheet in the dryer on lowest setting for optimal results!

The Boat Tote is a lightweight pet carrier (2.25 lbs, with mat, pillow and scarf attached) that accommodates from 2lbs to 18lb, and can work as an airline carrier! Remove cuddle mat and snap pet securely inside.

Product details are as follows:

  • Handle Length 30"
  • Length of tote 16"
  • Width of tote 8"
  • Height of tote 11"
  • Soft Cuddle Mat
  • Soft Snuggle Blankie
  • Safety Strap inside carrier
  • Luxuriously long Animal Print Scarf
  • Scarf, matt and blankie are made in the USA, the 100% cotton canvas tote is made in India exclusively for Pet Flys!


Mon Chien Boat Tote Dog Carrier

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