Pawz 1Z Hi-Tech Dog Coat

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Pawz 1Z Hi-Tech Dog Coat

Make winter walks a little warmer for your pampered pup...  

This winter coat features a built-in harness! The 1Z is a 2 in 1 hi-tech coat designed like a great ski jacket. It is secure, warm, waterproof, windproof and washable. The 1Z Coat combines innovative new textiles with an exclusive built-in harness system for an easy to put on, secure and comfortable fit. No more stressing out while putting a bulky harness under or over a dog coat. Just attach your leash and you’'re ready to go.


Sizing:  (length = neck to base of tail | girth = around torso)

- 10:  10 inch length | 16 inch girth

- 12:  12 inch length | 18 inch girth

- 14:  14 inch length | 20 inch girth

- 16:  16 inch length | 23 inch girth

- 18:  18 inch length | 26 inch girth


Pawz 1Z Hi-Tech Dog Coat

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