Pet Pocket Pillow Sham :: White Skully

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Pet Pocket Pillow Sham :: White Skully

Does your pet love to burrow?  A Pet Pocket is the answer!

The outer pillow sham is made from the softest faux fur fabrics known to mankind.  

You choose the kind of pillow to fill it with. You can fill your Pet Pocket with your pet’s personal preferences in mind. Use any pillow type from hypo-allergenic fiber to decadent down or even with towels or old tees!  Just make it comfy for your pet.

Your Pet Pocket is machine washable, but please do not use fabric softener in the wash. Tumble dry your Pet Pocket on low heat with a fabric softener sheet for optimal results.

Made in the U.S.A.


- toy and pillow not included

Pet Pocket Pillow Sham :: White Skully

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