Pink Bow Tie Dog Collars & Leashes

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Pink Bow Tie Dog Collars & Leashes

Take a peek behind the velvet ropes at the new Velvet Collection. Our newest collection from our design studio is Bowtie. Black velvet and satin detachable bowties set against classic black velvet. This Collection is available exclusively in 1/2 and 5/8 inch widths. Diva-Dog adjustable dog collars are made in the USA of soft and comfortable nylon overlaid with durable polyester ribbon, which is quintuple stitched at stress points for added strength.

Sizes (in inches):

- Teacup Collar: 1/2 x 6-10 in.
- Teacup Leash: 1/2 x 4ft.

- X-Small/Small Collar: 5/8 x 10-16 in.
- XS/Small Leash: 5/8 x 4ft.