Plush Diamond Cozy Cute Dog Bed Set :: Pink

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Plush Diamond Cozy Cute Dog Bed Set :: Pink

What pampered puppy or kitty wouldn't love snuggling into this plush doggie bed?  It's the perfect nap time bed for your small dog or kitty cat.

This super cozy minky fur dog bed is made with super soft minky plush pink faux fur fabric and features a diamond quilting for an elegant look. 


  • Minky Plush Faux Fur Outer Diamond Quilt
  • Removable, Reversible and Washable double sided Inner Cushion
  • Includes a double side blanket and stuffed bone pillow

Approximate Size:  20 x 24 x 7 inches


- Bed is shipped vacuum sealed with bone pillow and blanket.


Doesn't every pampered puppy need a few cute dog beds around the house?  


Plush Diamond Quilt Dog Bed Set :: Pink

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