Preppy Plaid Dog Harness :: Cream

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Preppy Plaid Dog Harness :: Cream

A soft plaid dog harness for the pups that prefer a timeless, classic style.

This comfort dog harness contains a light layer of padding on the chest for a little extra comfort while walking your furry best friend.  It conveniently slips over your dog's head and attaches with a quick release buckle under the belly.  There is a leash attachment on the back for walking.  



  • Neck:  11 inches
  • Girth:  12 to 16 inches


  • Neck:  14 inches
  • Girth:  15 to 19 inches


  • Neck:  16 inches
  • Girth:  19 to 25 inches


  • Neck:  17 inches
  • Girth:  20 to 27 inches


Preppy Plaid Dog Harness :: Cream

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