Soft Sling Dog Carrier Bag :: Red

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A Soft Sling Dog Carrier Bag in sporty red...

Does your puppy love to take road trips and tag along?  Made to look like a sporty purse or handbag, this soft canvas sling carrier is perfect for taking your furry best friend out on the town, out for a day trip, to visit family and friends or to your doggie's annual wellness visit!


- adjustable shoulder strap
- side ring air vent to keep puppy comfy
- mesh window cover that zips open one side (creating L opening)
- comfy pillow base 
- two outer pockets to store your gear and supplies
- inner sidewall pocket
- a security leash to keep puppy secure

Approximate measurement: 15 inches long x 6 inches wide x 10 inches high


Soft Sling Dog Carrier Bag :: Red

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