Swarovski Diamante Rectangular * Dog ID Tag

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Swarovski Diamante Rectangular * Dog ID Tag


Small .55 x .90 inches (for small dogs)
- up to 2 lines of text & 12 characters (including spaces) per line maximum

Medium .87 x 1.4 inches (for small to medium dogs)
- up to 3 lines of text & 18 characters (including spaces) per line maximum

Large 1 x 1.65 inches (for medium to large dogs)
- up to 4 lines of text & 24 characters (including spaces) per line maximum 

- Please double check and confirm that requested engraving does not exceed the maximum number of lines or characters (including spaces).  Any characters exceeding the maximum will be truncated at the time of engraving.

This stunning diamante polished stainless steel tag is made with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA. Add a little bit of character to your dog’s collar along with letting everyone know his contact information should he happen to wander away from home. Forged from solid stainless steel, all tags are fully polished to a nice and smooth finish and are supplied with stainless steel attaching rings - guaranteed to never rust. Price includes engraving. Engraving is guaranteed readable for the life of the tag. Engraving is done on the back of the tag.

Suggested engravings:
- Pet's name and phone number
- Pet's name and two phone numbers
- Pet's name, phone number and address
- Pet's name, phone number and e-mail address

Do you travel with your dog or cat?  Do you live in an area that's in danger of being evacuated due to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes or tornadoes?  Do you go to the park with your pet?  Vet? Visit family?  Better safe than sorry. Always prepare for the unexpected!  A personalized ID tag can help your lost dog or cat get home. Personalize it with your contact information and simply attach it right to your pet's collar or harness. 

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