Yummy Collection Ribbon Dog Collars & Leashes

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Show off your puppy dog's sweet tooth in these yummy dog collars!  

Choose from Have your cake...; Pink and Purple Cupcakes; Peace, Love, Cupcakes;  Cakes and Wishes; Rainbow Lollipops and Christmas Cupcakes from this “Yummy” Collection of Ribbon Dog Collars & Leashes...

These adjustable dog collars feature a sugary sweet ribbon sewn onto a durable nylon quick release buckle collar.  You can attach a matching leash, a cute charm or two and your dog's custom ID tag, to the military grade D-ring.  An awesome bonus - they're Made in the USA!  The collars are a great choice for special occasions, such as birthdays and holidays or just because you want to show off how Spoiled Sweet your puppy dog is.  

Please see our sizing guidelines for help with measuring and determining the ideal collar width for your puppy dog.

Ribbon Dog Collar Sizing:

- Small/Medium: 1 inch wide x 10 to 18 inches
- Large/X-Large: 1 inch wide x 18 to 26 inches

- 1 inch x 4 foot
- 1 inch x 6 foot  

- The Have your cake collar features multi-colored cakes on a white background.
The Pink and Purple Cupcakes collar features pretty pink and purple cupcakes on a white background.
The Peace, Love, Cupcakes collar features pink and purple sprinkle cupcakes on a white background.
The Cakes and Wishes collar features pink and purple cakes with a special birthday candle on a white background.
The Rainbow Lollipops collar features colorful rainbow lollipops.
The Christmas Cupcakes collar features festive red and green sprinkle Christmas cupcakes.  It is THE  perfect Christmas Dog Collar!